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Why is There a Bank Holiday Today?

Today is May Day – a public holiday traditionally celebrated on the first Monday of May. The occasion is usually marked with celebration, where we’re encouraged to go outside and enjoy ourselves. However, as you’ve probably noticed, it is a Friday…and you’re hopefully indoors due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The bank holiday was moved to Friday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day. On this date, World War II ended in Europe with the German army’s unconditional surrender. The original plan for today’s celebrations was to convert London’s St James’s Park into ‘Victory Park’, pubs were allowed to stay open later, street parties were to be encouraged, and there should have been a procession in Westminster.

Coronavirus, however – and the accompanying social distancing rules – have put much of this on hold. Although the original plans to commemorate VE Day aren’t going ahead right now, you can still celebrate the day – and enjoy the bank holiday – from home.

Can you celebrate VE Day at home?

With coronavirus keeping us all in our homes, there are calls to mark the occasion but with ‘stay at home street parties’. This allows celebrations of VE Day while still ensuring social distancing. As part of this, you can decorate your home with patriotic bunting.

Available to print off via a government website, it’s hoped these flags will help add an air of national pride to the day. Other celebrations have also been proposed such as hosting doorstep afternoon teas and other localised events where the two-metre rule can be observed.

The celebrations as we know them won’t be going ahead as planned. This is unfortunate but there are still ways you can commemorate the day if you wish.

Although we’ve now endured weeks of lockdown while our nation is gripped by a pandemic, it’s also worth considering the sacrifices our relatives went through to bring an end to war in Europe.

Staying safe and protecting the NHS is probably the best thing you can do to honour these individuals as well as help the country.

We’re also here if you need us

No matter if you choose to mark VE day or not, we hope you enjoy your bank holiday. These are trying times and we all deserve to put our feet up occasionally. If you’d like financial advice or want to ask about a debt solution though – such as an IVA – we’d be happy to help you out.

Just get in touch and we’ll do our best to support you!

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