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Is an IVA Right for Me?

An IVA is one option which can help clear your debts and restore control of your finances. It’s also a popular solution. Of all the insolvency solutions... Read more

How Long Does an IVA Last?

An IVA will generally last for five years - but with everyone's circumstances being different, the length of an IVA can differ on a case by case... Read more

Can You Get a Mortgage With an IVA?

Getting yourself into debt is nothing to be ashamed of. It's nothing new, and you are far from being alone. Did you know, for example, that... Read more

Can I Get Credit With an IVA?

Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) are a useful tool for managing unaffordable debts, but such arrangements do impose restrictions on... Read more

IVA Pros and Cons

Debt can impact a person’s life positively or negatively, depending on how it is managed. For example, debt can build your credit score and help... Read more

Do I Qualify For An IVA?

An IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) offers a way to pay back multiple debts through single, affordable, payments. A legally binding... Read more

How Does an IVA Work?

An individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a legally binding, formal, and affordable agreement between you and your creditors that stipulates... Read more

What Happens if an IVA Fails?

Your IVA is a legal agreement, not only do your creditors have to stick to the rules but you do too. Therefore, if you don’t meet your payments... Read more

Debt Management

What is an Informal Debt Solution?

At some point in our lives, acquiring a loan may seem quite inevitable, but that is not a problem. The big challenge comes when we need to...Read more

What is a Debt Management Plan?

If you're one of the 8.3million consumers in the UK struggling with debt, then a debt management plan could be one solution to get your finances...Read more

Can I get a Mortgage on a Debt Management Plan?

If you're on a debt management plan you may think it's impossible to buy your own home with a mortgage. However, there are ways you can get...Read more

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