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What is a debt relief order?

What is a debt relief order?

What is a debt relief order?

A debt relief order (DRO) could assist you in regaining control of your finances if you don’t own property, have few assets or spare income, and owe less than £20,000.

This freezes the interest rates on your debts for a year. Once this period finishes, and if your financial situation hasn’t improved, the debts included as part of the DRO will be written off.

How can I apply for a debt relief order?

As well as the qualifying criteria mentioned above, a debt relief order is only suitable for those who cannot realistically pay their debts, aren’t going through another form of insolvency, and reside in England or Wales.

To apply for a debt relief order, it must be obtained from an authorised person - usually an ‘official receiver’. They will assist you in making the application and charge £90 for their services.

The debt relief order lasts for 12 months. However, if your financial situation improves during this period, it may be cancelled.

This restriction, as well as other requirements, means that debt relief orders are not a suitable solution in all cases.

Is a debt relief order the same as an IVA?

One possible alternative is an IVA. Although a debt relief order is not the same, they share a few similarities. For example, those on either solution will be added to the insolvency register and creditors are usually unable to take legal action against you in both cases.

However, there are several key differences. For example:

  • An IVA remains active for longer than a DRO. Generally, a debt relief order remains active for a year while an IVA lasts for five years.
  • An IVA allows you to have larger assets, such as a home or car. Typically, assets on a debt relief order must total less than £1,000.
  • An IVA is generally a better choice if you’re earning. Usually, those on a debt relief order must have less than £50 spare income per month.

Generally, a debt relief order can be a preferred solution if you cannot afford to make any monthly payments and have limited assets. However, as everyone’s circumstances are different, it’s essential to seek specialist debt advice before committing to one solution.

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