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Say Hello To IVA

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a popular debt solution for people who cannot afford their unsecured debts but want to pay as much as they can realistically afford to them. Its growth as a solution for unmanageable debts has been significant over the last 10 Years.

Put simply it is a legally binding proposal of payment to your debts based on what you can realistically afford to pay over usually just 60 months. It allows you to put forward a fair and equal offer of repayment to your debts were there is no ability for you to repay them in full. It freezes interest and charges to ensure your debt cannot increase and protects you and your essential assets such as your home or car against any further collection activity by your debts.

How We can help you


Answer a few simple questions to see if you qualify


We conduct a fact find and provide solutions suitable to you


Regain control of your debts with a tailor-made plan

"My advisor spent over an hour on the phone with me to completely understand my situation. He had a genuine interest in helping me get my life back together and that is exactly what he has done. I felt very comfortable speaking to him and would recommend him to anyone seeking help when they feel all is lost or nowhere to go to. Thank you again!"

Carlo's IVA Story

Carlo owed :  
Bank Loan £15,171.22
Credit Cards £5,888
Overdrafts £ 102.49
Utilities Arrears £713.81
Payday loans £1,131.94
Store cards
Total Owed £24,114.16
£876 before plan

Total contractual repayments

£160 after plan

Total contractual repayments Reduced by 78.14%

Carlo's total debt written off was £18,841 over a period of 5 years